Thursday, April 10, 2008

Artfest Day 2 highlights

These were from my second class The Shrine Divine with Michael John Peterson... He was an AWESOME teacher. Funny, and talked a mile a minute, but it wasall good, the pace was perfect, he had everything we needed to create our shrines. All we needed were scissors. I wish he had recommended bringing items to put in the shrines... but the construction of them took up the entire class time, I even skipped lunch to keep working. It was so fun. I will demo the things I learned in my classes for everyone here on my blog in the next few days...

These are pages from a lady's book I met in the Art Assylum... I forgot her name... (I feel terrible) I know she is the Ladybug Trailer gal from the Bay Area... If you see these, and don't want them posted, please let me know... If you give me a link to your blog, I will add it here. I think her work is FABULOUS... you have to see the depth and richness of the details on her pages. I love how she alters the magazine faces with book paper... TOO COOL... thanks for sharing your amazing work with us!

It was going to rain the next day, so we took off fast for some quick photos down at the beach... On the way we saw this amazingly funky fresh art car parked in front of the commons! How fun is this... Makes ya wanna go out and buy and old beater so you can start driving around in an Altered Art Car!!!

These ladies were walking through the parking lot with their Mandalas thay made. I can't remember whose class it was... Anahata's I think? If anyone knows, please post a comment so I can tell everyone.
This woman was a friend of Ellen's. She had these cool jeans on that she altered. She painted the dragon on wone side, and put the front panel pocket of a jean jacket on the other leg. How clever is this? Reminds me of Christian on Project Runway with the Levi's project. Speaking of which, Michelle, my Bay Area Artfest Friend told me the garments from the Project Runway were exhibited at Levi Plaza in San Francisco. She went and saw them and said they were teeny tiny clothes.... I bet... those models are little tiny things... I wish I had known... I am such a HUGE project Runway fan...

Shopping around Pt. Townsend. There are coffee places EVERYWHERE... These Washingtonians are FIENDS for the coffee... I drank a couple cups there myself, and anyone who knows me knows I am so NOT a coffee gal... I did bring my tea with me, and Teesha gave us these cool metal thermos' with the artfest logo on them that I filled up every morning....
These sunset pictures were taken at the Goodwill in the parking lot... Jo needed to go get some clothes cause her suitcase still hadn't arrived, so we went there first, and then went to dinner. After we were back at my room making coffe and getting ready to go to the Art Assylum, I realized I had left my coat with my camera and all these photos in the cart at the store. I called, and luckily they had found it, and waitied for me to come get it... so we piled in the car and booked it back there. I gave them both a hug and thanked them for finding it and keeping it safe... See... what cool, friendly people they have in Washington!

Well, that is the highlights of the second day... There is much more to add, but I am limited on time these days. I am slammed getting everything ready for my youth at risk art program. I need my proposal, biz plan and executive summary done like last week... So I am off to complete it. Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages and packages with donations for the program. I love all you bloggers out there. I can't wait to fill you all in with an update on the program... let me get through the Artfest stuff here, and then I will have some great news to pass on about the program! Love and hugs to all of you!

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Joanne Huffman said...

What a fun second day filled with good art, good times and gtood people.