Saturday, April 19, 2008

List of things for a Virgin to know about Artfest

1. Don't pack too much art supplies... just your basics will be fine... there is plenty of things to be had in the Art Assylum. I didn't use much of what I brought that wasn't for a class.

2. Take LOTS of photos of everything, including people you meet. I met so many lovely people, and did not take their photos... Take photos with your instructors too. It helps if you want to contact people afterward if you have a photo you can attach to your message...

3. Come a few days early if you can to get all the shopping in... or stay a little longer afterward. You miss a lot of activities by going out to dinner and spending a lot of time in town shopping in the evenings, and most of the stores close at 6. There are a LOT of cool stores in the town.

4. I didn't stay in the dorms, but would like to on a future visit. They were not fancy, but the camraderie to be had there can't be beat... I went into the common room of 202 and those ladies were having a LOT of fun in there visiting and drinking wine and arting the nite away. If you connect with people in the dorms on the Yahoo group, definately take the time to meet up with them one nite in the dorm to check it out...

5. Take the time to go beach combing... I found some cool driftwood on the beach.

6. I did not have thermal weather clothes, just regular pants, sweatshirts and fleece jacket and a warm windbreaker, and I was perfectly warm the times I went out... Only time I got really cold was riding on the Duck with the windows down... the wind was chilly then and my face was cold... but otherwise, it was not as bad as I expected and I am a BABY when it comes to cold...

7. My trick with the 2 suitcases was a lifesaver. Take a small one, and pack all your clothes into it, then put it inside a bigger one. You can pack a few sweatshirts in the space leftover in the big one and you still have PLENTY of room to bring things back, and take a rolling backpack on the plane as your carry on, for extra space.

8. I would ship all my class supplies next time. That made things really easy. Just be sure you have a way to ship them back to yourself. There is a UPS office in town, but you would need to send it back Friday right after you finish your classes. Unless you have a local friend who can do it for you.

9. Be sure to join the Artfest Yahoo group and sign up for the fatbook and ATC books and other swaps. They are fun, and the work is beautiful. I love my ATC book. It is also a great place to connect with other Artfesters, make new friends and get the Artfest momentum rolling..

10. Allow yourself the gift of going with the flow. I went with no plan, and it all just came together perfectly. Each day was an adventure, and I had so much fun just going where the day took me. If you can't function without a plan, at least allow yourself the opportunity to explore new genres and learn as many new techniques as you can from people .

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