Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

My niece Breanna is a hoot.  I told her I would make her costume... I am feeling nostalgic over halloween lately.  SHe told me she wanted to be a princess.  Easy peasy.  I have tons of princess-y dresses and fabrics in pinks and purples... simple to whip up a costume.  She calls me last week and tells me she wants to be a bumble bee... but not a fat one, a cute one.  Here is the results...

I found the wings (unembellished) and the antennae at the Goodwill...  I had a black ladies skirt that had 8 layers of lace ruffles.  I took that apart and split it into 2 pieces of four ruffles each.  Sewed yellow ribbon on it, then gathered it all up and attached it to an elastic waistband.  I found the striped leggings at the costume shop, glittered up the wings with black glitter and gold glitter glue...  made a daisy necklace and got her a turtleneck top.

She was most impressed with how spinny the skirt was.  It floats out to the sides in a big circle.  Always a must with every little girl.  She was so adorable when we took her trunk or treat at the farmers market on saturday... she got extra candy because she was so cute.  She kept walking up to everyone and turning around to "buzz" them with her butt.  So funny.

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Juniper Goods said...

So cute, your so creative! Happy Halloween!