Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beach Cottage Furniture with CeCe Caldwell Paint

I recently painted a dresser and nightstands for a cottage beach theme.  Here are the before and afters.  The dresser cost me $5 and the nightstands were $5 each.  I used the CeCe Caldwell paints, and MAN are they fabulous.  You don't need to sand or prep the wood at all.  Just slap on the paint, and then coat with wax or use the satin varnish to finish up.   I get it at Paris Flea Market in Livermore, but many of the colors are on backorder. So when they come in, I pounce on them... This is hard for a die hard thrifty gal like me to PAY for paint. I usually go to the hazardous materials restore in my area and get free paint for all my furniture projects. These paints are pricey, but in my opinion worth every penny. The coverage you get is phenomenal. 2 coats and you are done. No base coat, no prep whatsoever.  They are a green company.  The paint has no fumes, cleans up with water, and they employ disabled vets!  So it is a win/win/win all around!

 I mixed the light blue color myself using the following recipe:  It was enough to paint all 3 pieces and I have some left over for a small project.

1/2 quart  Simply White
1 sample jar Blue Montana Sky
1/3 sample jar Santa Fe Turquoise

I have been buying all kinds of small furniture to paint.   I know, I said I don't paint everything... but I do paint a lot of things.  The colored furniture seems to sell better than white, and I really like the diversity of all the different ways you can make a piece look with a little paint.  Kayleigh has already called dibs on these pieces when we move to a bigger place. 


Juniper Goods said...

I like it, they look so nice after painting! I love the color you mixed :)

muskoka chair said...

Really its great combination of mixing.

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