Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Journaling with Katherine England

Many people know her for her beautiful mosaic art...  but Katherine is a fabulous art journaling teacher.  I took a journaling class from her at my friend Sue's house on Saturday.  Sue is the most fabulous hostess.  Her lunch spreads are always to die for... She lives in Dana Point, in the most Zen home I have ever been in.  The energy she sets in her home is tranquil and relaxing.  Her gracious and giving personality so sweet.  She was my first friend here in Orange County... I am so thankful we met. 

Katherine showed us how to draw with our right brain...  and it was a really amazing transformation for me.  I can actually draw.  and the more I draw, the better I get. 

Here are some photos of my drawings  I am just really tickled that they are beyond the stick figure drawings I usually do...  So FUN... If you ever get a chance to take a journaling class with her, do it... She is really great, and so fun..  I love taking classes from different people and learning  how to do different art journaling techniques.  It helps me stretch as an artist.  Pick up your pens and start doodling yourself and see what you come up with. 

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