Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AHS Homecoming

The whole family at the Game

my 4 babies all grown up

Zack and his girlfiend Skylar...  I LOVE this girl... she is the best girlfriend.I could ask for for my son.

kayleigh and Casey Coffman before the dance at Savannahs house
Savannah and Kayleigh, (my brother Chip's daughter)

Zack and Skylar in their dance duds...

We went up to the Bay Area for the Homecoming celebrations last weekend.  Zack was nominated for Homecoming King, and we all walked out on the field with him  He did a great job as the MC at the rally.  Everyone looked so great.  He didn't win, but he is still the king of our hearts.  At the rally, he had me introduce him, and when I finished he said "Thanks Mom, I love you.."  all the women in the crowd went "Awwwww."  Makes you feel good that your 17 year old son is not to embarassed to say it in public.  It is hard to believe that this young man, is the same adorably chubby baby pictured above just 16 short years ago.  The time flies by so fast, and before you know it, they are grown.

  I look at these pictures now, and see how little and sweet they were.  At the time, I was so overwhelmed with 3 small children, then I had a fourth, and with two in diapers, two rambunctious boys, a newborn and an adolescent, I felt like a crazy person.  I lived in my car, the mom taxi, taking kids here and there.  Plus I worked full time.  I didn't appreciate how precious this time was.  I didn't see that it would fly by in the blink of an eye.  I will never hear those bickering kids again.  Those chubby feet will never track dog poop in on my carpet again.  I will never see all of them in the bath together again like that.  The hectic holiday times, easter basket assembly and hiding christmas gifts in crazy places from curious eyes is no longer a concern.  The huge delimma of what to be for trick or treat, or what to take for sharing days are over. 

I want a do over.  I want to go back to that young mother I was...  hold her hand, look into her eyes and tell her, "These moments will past faster than you know...  Hold on to them.  Enjoy them... they are precious."  I want to tell her to hold and kiss them more, because the day is fast approaching when they won't let you.  I really want her to understand that the true miracle of motherhood,  is that the difficult parts, the tiredness, the hecticness, the irritability, all fades with time, and you are left with funny stories to tell at the holidays, and embarassing photos and movies to show future son and daughter in laws.  The rewards, if you are good at your job of mothering, are grown children who still say I love you and hug you when they see you.  Grandchildren are the ultimate gift, and opportunity to do things differently than you did as a parent.  I hope when that time comes, I will be wiser...  and be in the moment more.  Appreciating all of it as it happens, and not waiting for it all to pass, like I did when I was younger.

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