Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Community Day School part 2

Day two was hectic. I didn't have any helpers and they are a very hands on group. There were many more kids there today, and the ones who didn't get to do the project the first day, wanted to do it the 2nd. I told them I didn't bring the things for that part of the project. There were a handfull of kids that were into it. They listened, and created some really beautiful things. The rest were loud and disruptive. It was a great lesson for me on teaching this age group... most of these kids are 7th - 10th grade. We will make the program available to 10 kids at a time. It will be taught in another classroom, as a priveledge based on attendance and behavior. I only want the kids who will participate and get something out of it. Maybe offering it as an incentive, knowing that some kids get to go do art while the others have to stay in class and do math and english, might motivate some of them.

I also learned I have a lot to learn about working with at risk kids. They are street smart and very mature for their age. They are into things that I would never even dream of doing. There is gang affiliation, peer pressure, drugs, sex, they test and push you to see where your boundaries are. For many of them, who have parents in prison, Juvenile Hall is a badge of honor, and a stepping stone to prepare them for prison. What kind of life is this for a kid to live? I don't pretend to have a Pollyanna attitude of Art is the answer to the root of all evil... I am just saying that if you can tap into a kids creative side, you can engage them, and get them to have a broader vision of what their life could be. By inspiring creativity, you spark entreprunerial thoughts, that make kids think outside the box to a bigger picture.

I do have a lot to learn. There are a lot of kids out there who need programs like this. I have many people telling me that it is a great idea, and they are behind it. I am ready to receive all I need to fund this program Universe... I am ready for the corporate donations to come in. I am ready for the grants to be approved, and for the large contributions to come in to help fund all we need. I am here with an open heart, creating a system, developing a plan, making connections, and receiving all the good things the universe is sending me to support this program. Thanks to all of you for your comments and support... It helps me stay focused.

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Stampamelbie said...

OMG, Karan. I wished I could have been there for you. I thought you would have the other helpers too. I think having the program as an incentive is a good idea. You're doing a great job. I think the kids that were inspired will get a lot out of it.