Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Been busy....

Working on "The Project" and decluttering our life... We are downsizing again... (big sigh) and I am moving all my art crap into a storage container at the closet to make room in my life. We are having a big garage sale Saturday to unload a bunch of stuff. Everything left over after the sale goes to the closet. I am doing flowers for a cousin's wedding on Sunday, and then we are off to finish clearing out the storage units before the end of the week. I hope to have one completely empty, and the other two pared down to a smaller sized one by the end of the month. This has been a large, ongoing, endless process.... So this is why I haven't posted much this past week. The funny thing is, for every box of "stuff" I get rid of, I feel myself getting lighter... I love the clearing out... I love piling everything in a box and taking it to the closet, where they can put it up for sale and the money goes to a good cause. I love that my junk has a purpose and is passed on to someone else who is looking for cool things. I love that I am learning to let go and be OK with it... Why am I holding on? Let it go and let it flow is my new motto... and boy does it feel good!

On another great note... the kids at the county day school are BEGGING for me to come back! That makes me feel so good! I am scouring the internet for cool projects we can do with them that will be fun and thought provoking. I think we will start an art journal... and I will teach them different techniques... I have a luncheon coming up again with the probation dept. End of school is in 2 weeks, then the Fashion Show with the girls at Chris Adams Girls Center... and still the big job of finishing up the biz plan so I can file legal docs and start applying for grant funding. Things are great, I am super busy, and have very little time to create anything... but I guess, creating this art program is a pretty big creation in itself. Thanks to my new best friend Danita Lyn, my cohort in this whole thing. My CIO and main sounding board. She makes things so much easier for me... just by being my friend!


Joanne Huffman said...

You certainly ARE creating a lot. Good luck with the decluttering and organizing.


Danita Lyn said...

I love ya kiddo!!!

Danita Lyn