Monday, August 13, 2012

Not to shabby Chic, but Mediterranean Country Style

I am a fan of the Shabby Chic decor style.  Paskie hates it... The son of a custom furniture maker, he is perplexed at my love of chipped, peeling, distressed furniture.  That was a big no sir in his home growing up.  We have compromised over time.  I don't paint ALL the furniture anymore, and we have blended what I like to call the Mediterranean Country home style.  He says it reminds him of the old stuff at a grandparent's village home mixed with French Counrty and crossed with Shabby Chic.
I love the shades of white and cream with small hints of blue and pink. I love to photograph pieces I see out and about and keep them in a file on my computer for inspiration.  So help me spread the word on the Mediterranean Country style...  Imagine lazy times in country homes spent during the summer vacations around villages in France, Spain and Italy...  I am on the hunt for more Mediterranean Country decor, and will posting more pix regularly. 
I wanted this cabinet SO BAD...  Look at all those drawers... Freshly painted, not shabby but so damn cute.

antique tin tiles

love all the peeling distressed aqua tones

love these little tables
this would go perfect with the gold mirror my mom gave me.  This would classify as Mediterranean Country.

You can get these all day long at garage sales.  How cute it looks all painted like that.  Paint 4 different chairs in the same color for a  more unified look.  Just shabby chic, and adorable.

An iron dressing screen with lovely ivory paint peeling and rusty.  LOVE IT! Definately Mediterranean Country.

She was so cute.  I am looking for one made into a lamp like my friend Nancy has at Gilding the Lily.


Nicole Austin said...

cute finds! :) very inspiring. i want to redecorate now. :)

Gypsea said...

Lots of pretty furniture, nice pictures!

Juniper Goods said...

Oh I love those dressers! I decorated my shop in French Shabby style. So fun! The yellow, red and turquoise :)


"The fact is we are all capable of being inspired and inspiring " - Sark