Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet Solo

I love baby animals.  Baby anythings are so sweet.  This is Solo.  My cousin's dog found her at just a couple of days old, and was playing with her when my cousin rescued her and began bottle feeding her.  I know the stories, and trust me, they know the realities of raising a raccoon.  They have done it before and had their home trashed by some.  I just wanted to post this photo because it is just so adorable.  I got to hold her and pet her.  She wraps her little hand around your thumb and holds on when she drinks her bottle. 

I think it is such a great experience for kids to be exposed to wildlife, and learn about animals.  I love living so close to the Lindsay Museum  I have taken many a fledgeling baby bird ther, been on 4 field trips there, and have taken my kids numerous times.  We love seeing all the animals they have rescued there...  Every time I look at this photo it just makes me smile...   Just a little something to share with all my blog pals out there today and hopefully put a smile on your face.  Hope you are enjoying the summer sunshine and enjoying all the beauty of nature, wherever you are.

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