Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CHA Day 1

So we hit the CHA trade show today and powered through about half of it..  Will be going back Tuesday to see the other half.  The last CHA I attended was in 2002.  Things have definitely changed in the crafting industry since then.  Most of the small companies are either gone or have been swallowed up by large corporations.  The show is MUCH smaller than I remember it being.  There was plenty of room to walk, seats were easily obtained in the food court, and there was nowhere near the crowd I am used to seeing at this event.

Knitting and crochet seems to be really big.  Here are some examples I snapped at a couple of booths.  I took some at the Vanna White fashion show booth.  They told me no photos allowed (very rudely I might add).. which I thought was ridiculous, because isn't the point of all of this to have your product marketed?  What better way than for bloggers to share their love of it on social networking sites... We met Mikey and Diva Dan at lunch.  Should have taken a photo, as they were quite dapper.  Mikey teaches crochet on You Tube, check him out here.  Here are some random pix of things I really liked there.


Joanne Huffman said...

I'm always surprised when people at a show say "no photos;" I think they overestimate themselves.

Annette, Kent, Signe & Anni said...

Was this in Anaheim? CHA is in January & July. I'm confused.

Karan Simoni said...

I am a dork, and forgot to backdate the post to Feb 1st... it was the Jan CHA in Anaheim... I had the posting typed, but the photos were in an old camera I couldn't find to upload them until now... gotta remember to check the dates when I am posting old posts I typed up a while back. LOL.