Saturday, February 4, 2012

More CHA

So my long delayed CHA posts are now going up... I am WAAAAYYY behind on my postings.  Thanks Annette for pointing out I posted with the wrong date on the previous post...
 So here is my friend Cindy on day 2...  Loved the mini tiaras thay had in this booth for the dolls we sculpt.

This jewelry was really pretty.  Saw some great jewelry companies, and bead companies too, but honestly, I didn't see anything there I can't get at Gilding the Lily or in Downtown LA.

Scrapbooking industry has really changed since I was in it...  Fewer companies, many subsidiaries of large mega companies, everything has the shabby grungy textural look I love and have been doing in my books for years.  Honest opinion, I would rather make my own stuff and be unique.  But maybe that is just me, or is that how a lot of us scrapbookers have evolved into mixed media artists? 

As always, very cool things in the Ranger booth.  Here is Tim Holtz doing a demo, I had to squeeze into the side to get this photo.  Lots of cool altered art projects in their booth, and the displays were awesome.  Old luggage and carts, wood walls and doors.  Very funky and fun!

So my overall opinion is that you can really see how the craft industry, and especially the scrapbooking and stamping industries have been impacted by the economy.  What was once a hopping, fully packed show has been pared down to bare bones.  The small start up companies are gone, and the industry as a whole has changed.  It makes me sad to see a once thriving, amazingly creative pool of businesses shrink down to a handful of large conglomerates that churn out a lot of sameo sameo stuff.  So I say long live the altered artist!  We are the grease that keeps the wheels turning!

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Debi said...

Wow! So sad that the small start ups are gone. I know that I have moved on and don't be scrapping supplies anymore, partly due to the economy, partly due to the fact I've moved away from the scrapping world into the mixed media world. Aren't we SOOOO LUCKY to have been a part of the scrapping world when it WAS thriving? I just found my HUGE stash of photos from my scrappy life, and I must say... some of the best days of my life!!!

(and welcome BACK!!!)