Monday, June 27, 2011

Funky 80's party dress re-do

I bought this dress for $2.92  I don't get the pricing system at this store, it is the wierdest thing... Bit I figured the fabric alone was worth $3...

First thing I did was remove the top and pick it apart carefully.  That gorgeous purple sparkly fabric is going in my secret for Karan only stash of purple fabrics to make a purple crazy quilt with one day when I have enough fabrics.  I have been collecting a while, but still don't have enough to make a whole quilt.

I was left with a lovely flirty little skirt that I was going to make an apron out of.  Instead, I decided to put a waistband and a zipper on it.  I added this cute hot pink jacket I bought in the dollar bin a while back,  and it looks darling.  I am on the hunt for some black silk to make a halter top that can attach and detatch from the skirt, making it a dress and jacket, cocktail dress or skirt and jacket.  Talk about getting to most bang for you $3,92!

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