Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun in the garden

We planted a vegetable garden in March.  It is really growing, and we are learning in the process.  We planted a lot of things, but only half of them grew.  We have a holy ton of Zucchini, and other squashes that are the size of watermelons.  The tomatoes are coming in great now, and the lettuce and other things have grown and gone to seed already and need to be replanted.  I keep telling Pascual, "We need to plant more seeds".  He gives me the look that all husbands give their wives when they use the Royal we.. so I say, "well, um.. the YOU part of the WE team needs to plant more stufff. " 

We have never planted a garden before.  This is all an experiment.  A couple of years ago our next door neighbor took out her lawn in the front yard and planted a garden.  Everyone would stop and talk to her, and say what a great idea.  Her thought was, if she was going to water something, she would rather it be something she could eat.  She provided the whole neighborhood with veggies, adopted our cat Persephone who hung out in the garden all day, and generally brought a sense of community to our little neighborhood.  I have had a dream for a long time of creating a community garden where people can come and garden and plant things and share in the harvest.  Maybe some day in the future we will have a yard large enough to do that.  I find if kids participate in planting and caring for a garden, they have more interest in eating what they have grown.  They become more adventurous eaters, and try things just because they grew them. 

Here are some photos of the things we have picked.  Even if you just plant a few herbs in a container, there is nothing like the taste of home grown.

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Kris said...

Holy cow Wow Karan! What a harvest!!!
and it's still early!