Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America and Flea Markets...

We spent the morning at the Pasadena City College Flea Market...  Let me tell you, these people got it going on... They have the actual market at the college.  You park in the far parking structure and ride the golf cart shuttles in the the market.  There are 2 lots on either side of a 3 story parking structure.  The market is inside the parking structure, and in the 2 outside lots.  There is no admission charge like Long Beach, Rose Bowl, Alameda and some of the other antiques markets I have been to.  They do require the vendors to sell items at least 20 years old and the prices are the best I have found down here so far.  Lots of record dealers, and vintage clothing people... And jewelry vendors galore with all the fun costume jewelry from the 30's thru 60's.  I did see some great furniture buys too, but was not there for furniture that day.  Definately check it out.  It is worth the trip....  It happens on the 1st Sunday of every month. 

We spent the evening at the park in Yorba Linda with our friends Mike and Claire and all their British friends.  It was a fun way to kick off our first official holiday here in So Cal.  Really great fireworks show.

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