Friday, June 13, 2008

Graduations, Weddings and family

My baby girl Kayleigh graduated from Elementary school and is off to Jr. High next year... Zack graduated Jr. High and is off to High School, next year. Austin will be a Junior and Megan is moving out and transferring to school and Starbucks in Berkeley. All my little chicks are growing up... I have no photo of Zack at his graduation... He was so excited to go hang out with his friend Max and Max's dad, he bailed on his whole family that was there to see him graduate... so we have only this photo of him getting his diploma... I am still steamed about it... The scrapbooker mom, with no photo to show of such an event... Oh well... Here is all of us minus Zack at Kayleigh's graduation... He was at his 8th grade graduation dance...

My cousin Erica got married to a wonderful guy named Sam. Here is a photo of them I took at their reception. I have never seen her more beautiful, and happy. Isn't it amazing, how love and being in love makes you more attractive? Not that she was ever ugly, but now she is radiant... I am so happy for her!

Here are some pictures of some family members at the wedding. These are some of my first cousins with their spouses. They are all the kids of my mothers siblings, and some of their kids... It is so fun when we all get together. we have a great time catching up, and have talked about having a big blowout camping / boating trip this summer like we used to in the old days when we were all little. Kayleigh and Zack were in baby heaven playing with all their little cousins. These babies look so much like their parents, all of whom I used to babysit... I love seeing the generations growing and having kids... Getting together, we all get to have so much fun watching our kids play together... Man, family is great!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I love these photos - such a nice reminder of fun family times. And, I can totally relate to the aggravation of having qa child hare off instead of posing for pictures.