Friday, February 26, 2016

Daroush & Paraduxx

Their labels are all gorgeous and many different styles.

water features, high ceilings and a server per party.  They take time to explain, not just pour and glug.  
This winery is unique.  It's Persian, named after Darius l who was a king of Persia.  Daroush is how you say Darius in Persian.  The grounds of the winery are lovely.  The tasting room is by appointment, and a more intimate experience from what we saw. Lots of chairs and couches for tastings.  We did not taste here, as it was Valentine's  day and they were booked.  We will be back to check out the wines here soon.  

Paraduxx (pronounced pair a ducks) was another lovely surprise.  Owned by Duckhorn.  Reservations are required, but they do have tables in the main area for walk in customers.  We will definitely be back to lounge on the terrace in the sun and enjoy their wines.  A tasting comes with all the wines poured on a tray.  A server sits with you and explains them all, then leaves you to enjoy them at your leisure.  They also bring you cheese and little toasts.  The cheese they served was called Happy Cow creamy Swiss and it really paired nicely with the wine.  We've been looking for it but have not had any luck finding it yet.

Parduxx indoor tasting area and main entry where they seat walk in's.  So check if they say by appointment, many times they can accommodate you.  We just went to look and they asked if we wanted to taste.  We told hem we didn't have reservations and they said the tables here were for walk in customers... So of course we tasted!

our tastings poured and ready to enjoy.  BTW we liked the 1st, 2nd and last ones best... but they were all good.  Hubs was just sipping each one once, so I got the rest, and quite tipsy as a result.  

Paraduxx terrace tasting area by appointment, lovely views of the vineyards and huge oak trees, you can see their picnic tables in the background.  Ok to picnic as long as you drink their wines.

So check out these wineries next time you are in the valley... We had a nice experience at both!

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