Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving, packing and more purging

There is light at the end of the purging tunnel.  Man does it feel good to get rid of things.  I am so happy that the art community here in Orange County is as diverse as it is.  I have met a lot of lovely artists at my sales.  People who have become friends, art pals, and shopping buddies.  I can see the floor in my studio.  I can actually do a project start to finish and I can find everything I need to do it without a trip to Michaels.  I have been making things for boutiques, and putting together class proposals for art retreats. 

Hours spent at the scanner scanning old photos and ephemera have produced a hard drive full of images that need to be burned to a CD.  Yards of fabric donated to the Fullerton School District for their ren faire, art journaling supplies donated to my friends Mel and Katherine for their kids art journaling programs...  I feel good about where the stuff went...  like a mother hen watching her chicks leave the nest. 

We are moving again...  Where?  We don't know yet...  An apartment here in OC, up to the Bay Area,... Maybe to Europe... China... Singapore... Australia....  Wherever my hubby can find a job.  We are blessed in the fact that he is employable internationally.  We aren't stuck in the LA or Bay Area job markets.  I do want to find something here... My daughter loves it here... I have made a life, friends... I love the weather.  But we just don't know at this point.  Downsizing and getting our stuff contained to a manageable amount that can be moved and stored easily is not only prudent, but necessary at this point...  So the packing and purging and going through boxes has no end in sight... I think it will be going on for a while now...  I know God never takes you anywhere but up... It is we ourselves that hold us down....  so we are going where God sends us...  Just wish we knew where that was...


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kathy mc said...

Wow Karan, I didn't realize you were going through all of this. I hope he can find a local job so you don't have to move. Keep us updated and good luck with everything.