Friday, March 4, 2011

More Estate and Garage Sale Madness

I met a local gal that I have been emailing for a while.  We headed out after dropping kids off on Friday to a couple of estate sales.  My mission of finding garden stuff and patio furniture as of yet unfulfilled.

Beka and I drove to Garden Grove, 20 minutes away, to get an early preview of what the guy said would be a "BIG" garage sale.  Well... some people's BIG is anothers no BIG deal.  The man was very nice, but there wasn't much to choose from.  I got 2 patio chairs that will make a cute bistro set if I can find a table to go with it.  I also took 2 drawers from a junk pile in the driveway, and an old blouse I plan on making into an apron for my ETSY site.  Becka got an old washing bucket rusted out and full of black widows, an old piece of chipped pottery in good condition and a towel ring from the trash pile.  She scored the best stuff for free.

With enough time to go to one more sale, we headed out to an estate sale in Fullerton.   This is one run by an estate sale company.  But a different one that I have seen before.  When we saw the nice displays and prices, we figured it would be to costly to shop here... we are quarter garage sale gals... But, I picked up a few things that interested me, and the prices in the end were actually negotiable...  The photo shows the things I got from the 2 sales, along with a trip to a GREAT salvation army store Beka told me about that I have never been to.  She is going to be a great person to know.  She knows all the really good  places to shop and find the best deals.  Thanks for a fun day Beka, and for telling me about all the other fun places to explore.  I look forward to more thrifting and saleing adventures with you...  BTW... I went back to the sale on sunday, and bought up all the other things I wanted on the first day for a fraction of the price.  I got the bodies to the doll heads that Beka bought on Friday... and a huge bag of vintage trims and fabrics and clothes for $20...

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bekaboo said...

Too funny, Karan! Love seeing the rest of the loot you got. You really scored on the last day of the estate sale! It is great having a new thrifting/bargain hunting/vintage loving friend! I think it is hilarious that I bought dolls' heads, and you got the body. I need to do a thrifting blog post soon.