Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 things I learned today at the flea market

1.  Wear 50 SPF sunscreen when your lilly white body has not seen the sun for 10 months
2.  Start in the back where the cheap stuff is and work your way forward.
3.  Don't buy from the first vendor that has something you like. 
4.  Make friends with the vendors.  If you shop there every month they will hold things with you in mind.
5.  Bring lots of water and a lunch.
6.  Wear a hat and sunglasses.
7.  wear comfortable shoes.
8.  bring your husband or a friend to help carry purchases.
9.  There are a lot of other people in the world with the same taste as me
10. There are no original ideas.


Suzanne said...

Hi from over at Flying Lessons --
Hey, nice sunburn. Hope you got some good things at the flea market and it was (sort of) worth it.

Karan Simoni said...

I did get some cool jewelry and old bottles for some assemblage dolls I am making... So I scored! But this time I will remember the sunscreen... I got some 80spf!