Monday, April 26, 2010

Packing and Purging

I am getting things organized for the movers.  I found things that have been packed away for 5 years, most of it going to the Goodwill.  I have eliminated about a third of the stuff in storage, trying to reach a goal of being able to pack it all in to a 30 foot moving truck.  Thanks God for my friend Kerry who has been an absolute miracle worker, helping me get my stuff together.  We are almost done and soon will be packing the apartment up. 

I am spending my birthday this year in LA with my sweetie.  I am driving down to find a house.  We found one that we love, and we hope we get it.  Just in case, we are still looking at others, but our fingers are crossed.  Finding the right house has been a challenge.  We want to find a place we can make our home.  A place that our kids will love, and that has all the amenities we are looking for.  We love the town we are moving to, and are really looking forward to getting settled and being together as a family.

I don't know how people do these cross country moves, or international moves for that matter. I am really struggling to keep it all together and organized. 

I am dying to do some artistic project, but between my recovering arm and being so busy, I just haven't had the time...  My hope and goal is to get it all organized in the new house the first week of June, so I can start creating things in my new studio right away.  I am really looking forward to a new space, organized and clean where I can spend HOURS making cool things.  6 more weeks and it will all be over. 

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Joanne Huffman said...

Happy Birthday (whenever it is). Good luck with the move and I hope your arm continues to heal.