Sunday, January 10, 2010

the long and foggy road

we left at 5am and headed for LA in a pickup, with all Paskies papers and clothes in the back of dad's truck.  It was cold and foggy all the way down I-5... as evidenced here in the photos...

these political signs are posted all along the croplands of I-5.  I don't ever remember so many farms without crops in them.  The dust storms are really bad here because of the lack of planting.
The temperature was 41 degrees all the way to th bottom of the grapevine.  We stopped at starbucks and when we came out, the fog had lifted and we could see the mountains.  We drove over the hill and when we got to Santa Clarita, it was 82 degrees....  I think I am going to LOVE the weather in LA....

This is the lake at the top of the grapevine.  I forget the name of it.  You can see it when you are heading south on I-5.  I am happy with how all these turned out, considering I was snapping them as we were flying by at 80 MPH.

here we are at the Grand Del Mar for a black tie event with Paskie's work.  I LOVED this dress... it was from Nordstrom,Kayleigh and Megan helped me pick it out.  It had little ruffles all the way to the floor and looked like a flamenco dancers dress.  I didn't think it would look good on me, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Too bad I didn't get any full length shots of us all dressed up.  We looked really great.  It was a lovely place and a very fun event.  We are really having fun with all the new adventures his new job is taking us on.

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