Sunday, April 13, 2008

Artfest day 3

My last class was Opie and Linda O'Brien's Fe Fi Faux class. I have never done metal worked jewelry before. It was fun to try something new. I even spent my lunch hour in the class sanding and etching faux bone. I am happy with how it turned out. Opie and Linda are great teachers. They are funny how they break the different steps up and each teach their parts. They have different styles, but they make it fun and interesting... And their Brooklyn accents are so cute! I got a lot of trades in that class. Some very talented people at Artfest. Here are some photos of my trades... I don't remember everyone they came from. Some got mine and then brought me back some of their friends things to trade more... I have many trades left over. If you are interested in trading some of your leftover trades, or just trading something, post a comment here with your email address and I will email you my physical addy and such to trade by mail...

These are photos from Vendor nite... I didn't get pix of the whole room and all the booths. I loved seeing everyone's art... This is Michael deMeng's work. He was so nice, and funny! He was very gracious and let me photograph as much as I wanted. I love how he can take seemingly random bits of junk and turn it into a cool assemblage that tells a fantastic tale.
These pieces were done by Thomas Ashman. He taught a class on the big copper book called the Ultimate Art Journal. I saw some samples of it. REALLY incredible! My friend Jo took the smaller book class and her book turned out awesome! He is an interesting guy. The top picture is his interpretation of a catholic saint relec shrine. How when the catholics used to take pieces of the saint's bones and put them in holy shrines. In the top of the glass, there is a small round box that contains some bones. We talked about where to get intact skulls and animal bones, and how I had once met a guy that made mandalas using animal bones, and he got them all from roadkill. He even kept an ice chest and plastic garbage bags and a shovel in the back of his truck... OK, kinda gross, I know... But I know taxidermists would have things like this... and it is a green way to recycle the parts they don't use in taxidermy... So in a wierd way, it is recycling...
These are Tracy Moore's Art Journals. They are GORGEOUS and tactile and very intricate. Metal and wood and leather all combined in a way that is asthetically beautiful... You have to see them in person to really appreciate them.

We all went to dinner at the Galetea Tapas Bar next to "Festi" the statue where all the other festal virgins were meeting on Tuesday before registration. We missed it on account of Jo's arline losing her luggage, so we took our own Festal Virgin photo in front of the fountain. We were late getting to show and tell Saturday nite, but I was able to get a few photos of some cool artwork... before it was all gone.

The highlight of the nite was seeing this book. My photos do not do it justice. How we came to see this book was completely guided by spirit... Danita had taken Michael deMeng's class, and was telling me about this amazing book that his girlfriend had made. She had seen it in his class, and was blown away. I told her, "It is probably packed away already..." she says "Yeah, probably," and then turns to talk to someone on the other side. While she is speaking to the person on the other side, Michael asks the woman standing next to me (later I find out is Lynne Perrella, one of my art heros) if she has seen Judy's book. He says, "I will get her and show it to you, we'll grab a table in there." I tell Danita, "I just heard him saying he was going to show Judy's book to some people." so she asks if we can go too. "Sure. " he says, as he lugs in this big vintage suitcase...

She pulls out this book that is about 1 foot thick, and proceeds to tell us the story of how she made the book, where the elements for the pages came from, and how spirit guided the creation of the whole project. She said that she had wanted to work on something lighter, because her last works were on the Holocaust. Then it clicked, the lady I had read the article on, the one in Australia, who found a bag of Jewish memorabilia on the side of the road, was actually guided by spirit to pick it up... and created some touching and poignant works about the holocaust, and found the story of the man through the local synagogue. This story really touched me. For many reasons. That she was guided to find that bag. That it's contents resonated with her on such a deep personal level, that she was able to express the horrors and pain and the beautiful moments that happened to families destroyed by this horrible event. I remember crying reading that article. I love to do art that is meaningful. Spiritual art, or soul art I call it. Going deep inside the meaning of the elements to create a piece that is so beyond a pile of old photos and papers of a prison camp survivor. To create something that truly memorializes and commemorates the LIFE of the person who lived it...

It clicked in my head while standing there listening to her beautiful Australian accent. Seeing the pride on Michaels face as he watched the room, while she told her story. Seeing others in to room well up with tears, and having their own AHA moments as she explained her artistic vision and the synchronicity of how the book came together. I was MEANT to be here.. I had goosebumps... standing there, trying to see the book, hip to hip with Lynne Perella, engrossed in her story. This is why I came. This is my BIG GIFT... my big, defining, AHA moment. Being in that room, at that moment, with people who TOTALLY got what she was explaining. Feeling for the first time like I was where I was meant to be... I wanted to talk to her in more detail after things broke up, but my friends were tired, and we still needed to find Danita a ride to the airport the next morning, so I knew it was not meant to be for that time. I know there will come a time when she and I have a conversation. There will be a time when we meet and learn from one another. I don't know when or how, I just know that it will happen... To see this book in it's entirety, visit Judy's blog here and prepare yourself for a touching experience.

When I finish my projects from my 3 classes today, I will post photos of them as well... I know, my 3 loyal readers are asking to see my work... I gotta keep my fans happy! Speaking of my 3 loyal fans... I ran into some ladies at Artfest who said they read my blog. WOW!!! That was like the best news ever... If you do read my bog, and like what you see, please post a comment. I moderate all of them, so if you don't want the comment public, just let me know and I will keep it for my own information... It helps me to know that I am touching people with my art and work. I always try to post when I visit someone's blog... Even if it is a little, "I love your work." I am having many nice synchronistic things happening to me because of my blog. Meeting people who know me from it, meeting people who find me through the Creative Therapy website, or Sharon Soneff's website and book. I love the connections, I love the stories... In fact... I will post today about a giveaway in honor of my 50th post... So check back later tonight or tomorrow... I will be giving away a set of my trades from Artfest, Moo Cards, ATC's and Charms.. And another cool thing I have that is a secret!!!!


Joanne Huffman said...

It always amazes and pleases me to see how things fall into place in our art world.


1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

just plain old cooooool!
Really loving seeing everyone's photos and reading their posts about Artfest experiences. I totally got goosebumps reading about your a-ha moment. Isn't it amazing to finally find yourself totally and completely *in context*?! Like there is no part of you left out and you don't have to hide or explain anything. Amazing.
Lots of miracles to you!

altermyworld said...

What an amazing post, thank you for sharing all of this.

Loudlife said...

Beautiful post - I got teary eyed reading about your encounter with Judy and I sent her the link to this post.


Debi said...

WOW Karan! LOVED reading about your aha moment! Isn't life wonderful when you get out of your own way to allow things to happen? Your life is so exciting right now and I'm sooo happy for you!

Big hugs...


Judy said...

I found the link to your Artfest post from Laurie - and i am so grateful that I did.

I am speechless, honoured, humbled and yet so excited that my book had such a powerful effect on you.

Excited that, well, you "got it", or you "get it", the symbolism and the "meant to be" part. My excitement is palpable.
We definately have to meet one day. I only wish we had spoken on the night, what a shame.
Thankyou for your extraordinary account of seeing my book.
Do you mind if I take an excert from this and use it on my blog - you can find my email address on my blog site?

Thanks for understanding my art.

Angela Hoffmann said...

Karan what a wonderful post! It really touched my heart.i am at that point..waiting for an aha moment..i did a lot of art a couple of years ago..was rewarded with designing papers..when that was done, i got left in this limbo state..i played with my dolls and stuff instead the last year and a half and now have the itch again for is time for me to create..this time around i want to play by my own rules..not by rules set so i think i can be published or teach or whatever..I had an epiphany a week ago, that because of that fit ins and be desirable for publishing or to teach classes, i was not stretching myself and pulling in all of my skills, I was limiting myself...i need to find my art voice your description of your aha moment really gave me goosebumps..i know mine is brewing and will come soon! thank you for your continued friendship and are most definitely a very beautiful soul! xoxoxo